This unique welcome to the world gift is filled with goodies to be enjoyed by the whole family.  Two, Three and a half, and six gallon gifts include all of the above and more...


Do you want to include items for the big brother or sister? If so, please provide the gender and approximate age. Have a special interest you want us to honor, just say the word!


A Sampling of a One Gallon Barrel:

  • Bottle
  • Smartfood
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Product Lotion
  • American Red Cross Medicine Dropper
  • 1st Keys
  • B Buddy
  • M&M's
  • Tea or Chai
  • T-shirt
  • Mary Meyer Stuffed Animal
  • It's a Girl or It's a Boy Peppermint Stick


***If you are shipping to multiple address please complete individual orders or give us a call at (800) 536-7386. 

Six Gallon New Baby

  • Please Note: Gift details provide a flavor of our gifting options. Based upon the gift recipient, each gift will be customized and especially made for them.

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